Tuesday, September 20, 2005


going to clean my office
going to finish my classes
going to change last name legally
going to catch up on lingering work hoohaa
going to stop procrastinating
going going going gone

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

magic stick

It has been 12 days since the magic stick with two blue lines
after a year of one liners, high hopes, sighs, and whines

A sweet jelly bean is in my belly and it isn't the fruity kind
It's the Scott & Denise DNA jumble that's always on my mind

The days go by like months until we can meet this little stinker
I feel like my heart is already theirs, hook, line & sinker

Little things are slightly different, no coffee, beer or blue cheese
and if I hear something just kinda sad, I ball and flail to my knees

So much more is going to change and I couldn't be more happy
to be suckled from my teets and change diapers full of crappy

To stroll around with friends and family giggling at the silly things
like taking a poop face, crooked smiles and widdle diddle wingy dings

Be well little teeny one and I promise to keep you safe and fed
until we meet I can just dream of you while we sleep snug in bed

With all this new love in my life, my heart is so full and thick
Thanks to my oh so hospitable uterus and my sweetys magic stick

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

crack bash bonkoooonnngg

Hey good folks, we had a wild and wooolly storm here in AZ .. it almost knocked our house over ..seeeeee.

flash ------ crackdooorrgg bash bonkoooonnngg grrrummmmkobbleddrrooo.....

Then, I suddenly hear another crack .. crack ..crackk... but that was just the bad crackly ankle of my hubs Scooter C stumbling out of bed with squished up sleepy face.

Then I overslept until 9 ish because it looks so dark and stormaroo outside.

I checked the mail this morning and it was cool out (this time in AZ is usually 105+)!!!! I grabbed the dog & leash (even though I was wearing a scraggly tank I slept in and old wrinkly skirt I grabbed out of the dirty clothes) and took a stroll with Dixie the dog. Noone was out .. not a peep in the whole neighborhood .. I felt so free. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Internet Acronyms

I am going to really try to make these stick on the WWW!

I am rarely really LOL ... so let's see ....

STS - smirking to self
LOI - laughing on inside
REN - rolling eyes nod
MFN - made funny noise - ex: like you read a funny and you go "mrah!" or "mbugh!" you know what I'm talking about.
MMN - made me nervous - ex: like someone writes a real emotional or dramatic something and you get nervous for them
MTS - must take shower - like something so wrong that you feel Filthy McDirty

To replace BRB

GGP - Gotta go Pee
SBM - Someone better messaged
YBM - You bore me
AAH - annoyed as hell
OCC - overbearing coworker coming

hmmmm.... I will think of more

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, exciting and new,
Come aboard.
We're expecting you.
Love, life's sweetest reward.
Let it flow,
it floats back to you.

The Love Boat
soon will be making another run.
The Love Boat promises something for everyone.
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.

Love won't hurt anymore
It's an open smile on a friendly shore.

It's Looooove!
Welcome aboard - It's Looooove!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

(Cindy is funny)

Hi, I'm Denise. I used to blog. Now I'm much too busy to be bothered with it. Oh yes, I'm so important. Please go away. Stop tempting me with your blogs. I'm really not interested. Maybe some day I'll return, if I can possibly find the time. If you're lucky, I mean. You can hold your breath, but it probably won't do any good. You cannot influence the D. I no longer live by the clock, by the calendar, by the rules. I am wild and free, I have changed my name to Coyote.

I'm the cute one on the left with the beer in my hand. This slightly drunk lady who appears to be laying on me is Cindy. She still blogs. She has nothing better to do with her time, but don't tell her I said that, ok?

See you in 2005!
Love, Coyote

Sunday, November 07, 2004

farewell for a while

I have to remove any distractions from my day in order to excel at my job and finish my last 10 online classes before I have to pay for them again. I will be saying howdy when I have a new title and certificate in hand. Best wishes fellow bloggers. I look forward to reading you all again in 2005. :) TTFN