Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My Oprah-ish Diatribe ....

I had an "ah ha" moment of realization yesterday. I always would say I don't care what people think and blah blah, but I totally did.. too much.. about most things.

I actually soaked it in yesterday what that means to really not care. It means, that you like yourself and are confident enough in what you believe in or whatever to not worry about what others think or what judgments may be cast. The people that I care most about would never stop caring about me just because I'm not perfect or they don't agree (totally rhymed). I don't know why it all clicked last night, probably watching a few episodes of Oprah I Tivo'd or all these deep thoughtful blogs going around. I mean life will be so much easier to just let go of pointless worry and concern and just live and be cool. I think that if you just be the natural you with no issues, hang-ups or defenses ruling your thoughts, interactions and reactions, you will be content, an easy person to be around and can enjoy the people in your life more. That means you love yourself, people love you and your world is a nice place to be.

This also sort of falls in line with my hang-up of worrying about everything around me and trying to fix and basically interfere to try to make things better. All this effort I now realize is futile and is like sharing a 5th of vodka with 5 people, no one gets drunk. You have to just concentrate on you and yours to have a quality balance. Now these fanciful realizations are going to take practice but I think I finally got a taste of how cool it would be to not care so much.

side note: I don't think we should all go around spouting off, being rude and acting a fool because we don't care what people think. I think that nonsense is a result of issues, hang-ups and life's collection of bull-sh**. So be cool fools!


Blogger Cindy-Lou said...

I always spout off, act rude, and act a fool. Is that bad?

5:25 PM  
Blogger D-Nice said...

You shouldn't care what think, right..hehehehehe

11:04 AM  

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