Thursday, October 07, 2004


I just wanted to devote a post to the awesome new gadget called "Ceiva"we got it for his folks in CA. Since my hubby and I live in AZ, they don't get to see the everyday goings on with us. It is a digital frame that plugs into a phone line and allows family and friends to send pictures directly to the frame for the frame owner to enjoy. Below are some examples of the pics we send. I recommend this for anyone with loved ones far away. It is really cool and makes being far away a little easier. Go get one now!
  • We are dog sitting for our newlywed friends in Tahiti and the doggy destroys all toys in his power, so we send pics of each one of his victims of the day (little chick with stuffing all over, cat toys with bellys missing).
  • Pics of the new faucet my guy, their son, installed
  • Pics of "China Pie" dinner I cooked (his moms good ol' recipe)
  • Pics of weddings and family events from the last years
  • Pics of the cats and dogs playing all delicious
  • Pics of them from their past visits so maybe they will visit again soon :)


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