Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Internet Acronyms

I am going to really try to make these stick on the WWW!

I am rarely really LOL ... so let's see ....

STS - smirking to self
LOI - laughing on inside
REN - rolling eyes nod
MFN - made funny noise - ex: like you read a funny and you go "mrah!" or "mbugh!" you know what I'm talking about.
MMN - made me nervous - ex: like someone writes a real emotional or dramatic something and you get nervous for them
MTS - must take shower - like something so wrong that you feel Filthy McDirty

To replace BRB

GGP - Gotta go Pee
SBM - Someone better messaged
YBM - You bore me
AAH - annoyed as hell
OCC - overbearing coworker coming

hmmmm.... I will think of more


Blogger wissn said...

Well looky fwend back in the blog world! I love it!

Uh oh...OCC!

2:44 PM  
Blogger Cindy-Lou said...

SBM? You can't handle two conversations at once? Rookie.

2:51 PM  
Blogger cath said...

I probably wouldn't use OCC, but I could tweak it to RFCC
(religious fanatic coworker coming)

3:03 PM  
Blogger D-Nice said...

Blogging is sure fun. I just have to be careful to not let my life fall to the wayside :) No, I can't have two convos at once.. I get all stressed out and gassy. Hey, I have a couple RFCCs in my dept too. :)

10:01 AM  

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