Wednesday, August 03, 2005

crack bash bonkoooonnngg

Hey good folks, we had a wild and wooolly storm here in AZ .. it almost knocked our house over ..seeeeee.

flash ------ crackdooorrgg bash bonkoooonnngg grrrummmmkobbleddrrooo.....

Then, I suddenly hear another crack .. crack ..crackk... but that was just the bad crackly ankle of my hubs Scooter C stumbling out of bed with squished up sleepy face.

Then I overslept until 9 ish because it looks so dark and stormaroo outside.

I checked the mail this morning and it was cool out (this time in AZ is usually 105+)!!!! I grabbed the dog & leash (even though I was wearing a scraggly tank I slept in and old wrinkly skirt I grabbed out of the dirty clothes) and took a stroll with Dixie the dog. Noone was out .. not a peep in the whole neighborhood .. I felt so free. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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